SCLASS is rich in benefits and precious key elementsfor both students and teachers. You will not only work on significant topics that touch us in our everyday life and should be pointing the way to a better future, but you will also identify a lot of empowerment, outreach and engagement within your class.


A project needs to go life, needs to be put into practice. This is also true for SCLASS: Action, interaction, exchange and evaluation lead to the highest benefits, not only for a class as a social group, but also for each and every individual contributing to the project in his/her own way

Here below you find some testimonials of students who participated and will infect you with enthusiasm.


You may ask now: What do I need for SCLASS? 

First of all, motivation is the key factor to involve, engage , „catch“ the students and empower the young generation for their future.

Here below you find a quiz to figure out if you are ready for SCLASS. Be sure: Your investment will bear fruits!